Thoughtful Thursday – November 10, 2016


Thoughtful Thursday


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Week of November 10, 2016


 -The country of Czechia? Don’t feel bad if the name doesn’t ring a bell—many of its citizens aren’t buying it either.

-Here’s an uplifting story of how websites like AirBnB lead to sharing more than apartment keys and wifi passwords.

Personal Improvement

-“Do not live your life with the burden of proof. When every fugitive moment, mundane or mythical, is recorded, reported, staged and lit for presentation, remember that you need no evidence that you were there. Mountains, deserts, oceans, full moons and empty bottles. The proof is the dirt under your nails and all of it was real.” Words of wisdom from Reda Wigle.

-Do you wish yo could commit to a passion like your role models? Here are 3 hurdles nearly everyone has to overcome.

-We’re all trying to get smarter, right? Here’s 6 proven ways to train your brain to work better, via Andrew Medal, co-founder of Grit & Mortar.

Professional Development

-No matter your background or ability, you still have to sell people on your idea to get past the finish line. Dan Maycock of Equinauts tells you how to get others to buy into your really big ideas.

-Neuroscience is showing us there’s a much better way to be productive, even though it goes against everything our work-devoted culture expects us to do. Find out what it is here.


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