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We get it.

You want something more from your next trip. You’re tired of using your hard-earned vacation time on trips that over-promise and under-deliver. You’re done with mass-marketed, overly-sanitized travel.

When traveling, you want to truly connect to the people and places you visit. You want to make local friends and create life-long memories. You want to explore the world and learn about yourself.

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I know because I’ve been there as well. Having spent my adult life teaching and traveling around the world, I’ve lived the disconnect between the authentic, personal, thought-provoking experiences travelers desire, and the mass-marketed, superficial, extremely-touristic options usually offered on the road.

Yet, I’ve also seen how a certain kind of travel—that filled with genuine, not-in-the-guide-book, no-Instagram-filter-needed, cultural experiences—can transform lives.

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Authentic Traveling wants to make this type of travel the norm, not the exception. Using the insights of hundreds of experienced world travelers—as well as an understanding of the science and art of personal development—we’ll have you traveling better and living happier, guaranteed.

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You deserve to have your next trip be the best you’ve ever had. We look forward to helping you make that a reality. 




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