Thoughtful Thursday – December 15, 2016


Thoughtful Thursday


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Every Thursday I post the latest and greatest content related to travel and self-improvement that I've found throughout the week.


It could include articles, videos, podcasts, books, photographs, or any other sort of thought-inducing content I may come across.


No matter the medium, you can expect to find excellence—and a renewed drive to achieve all that you can in life—right here.






Week of December 15, 2016


-Which is the cheapest Christmas market in Europe for a weekend break for two? Find out here.

-Travel more important to millennials that buying a home or paying off debt, research shows.

-On how the world get’s smaller when you travel, by Sarah Kim.


Personal Improvement


 -Destroying Yourself Psychologically: a How-To Guide, via Vincent McCarty.

-A powerful hack to become who you want to be, backed by research.

-4 Ways to start a conversation with a stranger, via Todd Brison.


Professional Development


-Some great advice for the recent graduate (or anyone broke, in between things, or living at home), courtesy of Austin Kelon.

-Why not to use to-do lists. An incredibly interesting—and thought-provoking—strategy on how to get things done, from Shane Parrish.

-A must read: how to stand stand on the shoulders of giants and take advantage of all the information around you.

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