Thoughtful Thursday – August 11, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday


Hey friends,

Every Thursday I post the latest and greatest content related to travel and self-improvement that I've found throughout the week.

It could include articles, videos, podcasts, books, photographs, or any other sort of thought-inducing content I may come across. 

No matter the medium, you can expect to find excellence—and a renewed drive to achieve all that you can in life—right here.



Week of August 11, 2016


-Having routines can supercharge your efficiency at work and minimize clutter at home. Yet, these are some of the first things that go out the window when on the road. Here, Elizabeth Grace Saunders provides some tips to help you stick to your routines (for the most part) while traveling. 

-An interesting look at the effects the Pokemon Go craze is having on tourism in Spain.


Personal Improvement

-In this article, famed marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk discusses how honesty breaking down your strengths and weaknesses can help you to reach your life goals. 


Professional Development

-Looking to uncover novel ideas at work? Tanner Christensen outlines a simple formula to jumpstart your creativity.


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