Thoughtful Thursday – December 8, 2016


Thoughtful Thursday


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Every Thursday I post the latest and greatest content related to travel and self-improvement that I've found throughout the week.


It could include articles, videos, podcasts, books, photographs, or any other sort of thought-inducing content I may come across.


No matter the medium, you can expect to find excellence—and a renewed drive to achieve all that you can in life—right here.






Week of December 8, 2016


-A snowy escape in Swedish Lapland, complete with snowmobiling, dogsledding, and the northern lights—courtesy of Peter Heller of Travel + Leisure

-Iceland-Mythical landscape with a burning belly, courtesy of Reshu Dewani of Hostfully

-Why I travel, by Aaron Lumnah

Personal Improvement


 -Here are 22 things you can do to create a life-changing morning routine.

-Yes, there is a key to happiness—and it’s pretty simple (at least according to Larry Kim).

-Destroying Yourself Psychologically: a How-To Guide, via Vincent McCarty


Professional Development


-At one time or another, most people feel as though they don’t belong—as if they are an imposter—no matter how qualified they are or how hard they work. The key to getting through these moments is to recognize them for what they are—lies. Here are 8 powerful signs you’re successful to focus on next time you’re feeling some self doubt, courtesy of Elle Kaplan.

-Stop waiting to feel unafraid before you create your best work. Why today is the day to take control of your future and stand out from the crowd, via Jeff Goins.


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