Thoughtful Thursday – December 29, 2016


Thoughtful Thursday


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Week of December 29, 2016


-This is something I never thought I’d read: Hotels in Italy want guests to have MORE sex – and doing so  might get you a free room.

-So I guess Eataly is opening a theme park

-How you can make money being a tour guide for AirBnB, courtesy of Jessica Plautz of Travel + Leisure.


Personal Improvement


 -An exhaustive list of self-management tools to help boost personal growth quickly, via Michal Juhás.

-You can only get answers to the questions you ask. Learn how to ask great ones in just three minutes, courtesy of Josh Spector.

-How I became obsessed with personal development, and you should too.


Professional Development


-How to improve your work/life balance and reclaim your time, from Eric Conley.

-How to promote yourself authentically to gain new opportunities, by Alyssa Martin.

-The trap of thinking you’re special and entitled to success, from Mosab Alkhteb.

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