Thoughtful Thursday – October 27, 2016


Thoughtful Thursday


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Week of October 27, 2016


-Now it will be easier to enjoy some of your favorite paintings in Florence, thanks to this.

-The best city breaks for embracing winter: Ice rinks, hearty food and Christmas markets.

-Do you want to visit Italy, but you're short on cash? You may be in luck thanks to Italy's Barter Week, during which you can trade skills for housing.

Personal Improvement

-Looking to be happier? Science suggests you try these 11 things every single day.

-Time is precious. We all say it, but how often do we act upon it? Here are 5 daily habits to help you improve your attention span.

Professional Development

-Emotional intelligence—the ability to successfully control one’s emotions and handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically, is an under appreciated aspect of professional success. Elle Kaplan, CEO and founder of Lexion Capital, explores three phrases that can help you boost your emotional intelligence.

-Music, perhaps unsurprisingly, can greatly affect your brain and mood. But how can you harness that to be more productive professionally? Kayla Minguez explores that here.


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