What's this all about?



Hey, I’m Andrew - welcome to my website! In the past five years I’ve lived in Berlin, Rome, Florence, New York (upstate!), and the cheese capital of North America - Madison, WI. During that same time, I’ve received multiple degrees, learned two languages, taught students from around the world, worked in the marketing department for a poop-analysis company (seriously), and traveled to over thirty countries.

Duomo in Florence, Italy

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany at night




I’m fascinated by world culture, and through my work and travels have seen first-hand how authentic, not-in-the-guide-book, no-Instagram-filter-needed, cultural experiences can positively impact the lives of those fortunate enough to encounter them.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that there is a disconnect between the authentic experiences travelers desire, and the mass-marketed, extremely-touristic options they are usually offered. I created this website to share my personal travel experiences (both amazing and not-so-amazing), inspire others to explore the world, and help connect readers with the authentic cultural experiences that they desire. I love meeting new people, staring new projects, and am eager to connect with anyone who shares my same goals!