Thoughtful Thursday – October 20, 2016


Thoughtful Thursday


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Week of October 20, 2016


-We’ve all heard the cliche saying “the wine flowed like water”, but in one Italian town that’s actually becoming a reality thanks to the introduction of a 24-hour wine fountain.

-Good news for American travelers heading to Cuba; you can now bring back all the rum and cigars you want.

-Somewhat surprising news: Hotels are not losing shares to AirBnB (at least in the U.S.)

Personal Improvement

-12 Tips for when you need a self-esteem boost by Larry Kim of WordStream. 

-Gabrielle Pfeiffer on why you should always keep moving forward.

Professional Development

-Why aren’t you a good leader and what can you do to become one? Here is a fascinating response to these questions from Deborah Rowland of Harvard Business Review.


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