19 Amazingly Simple Ways to Save Money for Travel

With the advent of the internet—and the wide variety of budget-friendly vacation options it has given birth to—the ability to travel regularly is no longer a luxury reserved for the super wealthy. Instead, it can be the result of a few lifestyle choices repeated regularly. Saving just a few dollars each day can quickly result in being able to afford life-changing trips. Below are 19 amazingly simple ways to save money and travel more—all of which you can start implementing today!

How the 80/20 Rule Can Help Make Your Next …

The 80/20 Rule is a simple but powerful analytical tool that you can use to improve your travel experiences. It is based on the observation that things – whether concrete goods like real estate and wealth or more abstract concepts like happiness and suffering – tend to distribute unevenly and disproportionately, often in a roughly 80 to 20 ratio. Here are some ways the smart traveler can use the 80/20 Rule to enhance their next trip.